Long before Nathan Georgiev was even old enough to be a paid mechanic, he was working on his own projects. Whether he was restoring a car, making one go faster, building motors, or fabricating parts -- he spent countless hours in his garage. From there it became a side business helping buddies and neighbors fix and customize their vehicles. 

After years of working as a heavy equipment mechanic by day and an automotive mechanic by night, he grew tired of the heavy diesel scene and decided to take the plunge and pursue his side business professionally. He continued to work out of his garage as long as possible, but soon outgrew it and the city forced him into a proper shop. From there, East Texas Street Machines has grown into the business that it is today.

A lot has changed from the days when Nathan was working out of his garage, but one thing that hasn't changed is the care that he gives each customer and his desire to make sure you drive off with a car you're happy with.